Payment Confirmation
  • How to receive order detail for payment?
  • After an order being made, an email containing your transaction detail will be generated and sent automatically to your email account.

  • What methods of payment are available currently?
    1. Money Transfer
      Customer will transfer the payment manually through Bank Transfer or ATM
    2. PayPal
      Customer will be directed to PayPal page to complete the payment
    3. KinerjaPay
      Customer will be directed to KinerjaPay page to complete the payment
      Click here for more information
  • Why does payment notification needed?
  • Payment notification may be needed if payment has not been paid or pending after the order is made.

  • How to submit a payment notification if needed?
    1. Login to your Kinerja Hosting account
    2. Go to [My Account] > [Order History]
    3. Click on the available [Payment ID] to view payment
    4. On Payment Detail page, click [Input Payment]
    5. Fill the available form correctly and click [Submit]
  • When is my order being processed?
  • After we receive your payment notification, our operator will be checking the payment acquisition. You may get one of these responses:

    1. Payment status 'Complete',
      means we have indeed receive your payment as stated in your notification and thus your order is being processed.
    2. Payment status 'Denied',
      means we have not receive any payment as stated in your notification. You may re-submit your payment notification.
  • Payment Status Description Table
  • Status Description
    Not paid Customer has not paid, payment confirmation needed
    Pending Payment pending, payment confirmation needed
    Payment notification sent Customer has sent a payment notification. Waiting payment completion confirmation from operator
    Payment denied Kinerja Hosting has not received said payment as mentioned on customer notification. Customer can re-send the notification containing correct payment detail.
    Complete Payment completed
    Cancelled Order cancelled
    Expired Order has expired