Terms and Conditions
  1. Kinerja Hosting provides Web Hosting and Domain Registration services included with Hosting Management, Email Management, Hosting Data Backup, Technical Support and other related services.
  2. Kinerja Hosting provides common services to Kinerja Hosting Customer such as below:
    • Sentora based Hosting Management,
    • Unlimited Email Accounts,
    • POP3/SMTP Email Server,
    • MySQL Database,
    • PHP Webpage Server Scripting,
    • Sentastico,
    • etc
    Services above may change at any time without prior notice.

Kinerja Hosting Customer is an individual or a company who registers Domain Name, transfer Domain Name to Kinerja Hosting and/or uses Kinerja Hosting Web Hosting package and other services provided by Kinerja Hosting.

  1. Registration as Kinerja Hosting Customer is simple. Individual or Company may have to submit some profile data at Kinerja Hosting website located in http://www.kinerjahosting.com and place an order either Domain Name registration or Web Hosting package.
  2. Registration can also be done by visiting Kinerja Hosting office located at:
    Gedung Maxxis Center
    Jl. Sutomo Ujung No. 3A/45
    Telp. +6261-456-3011, +6261-456-3133, +6261-456-3155
    Medan 20235
    Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
  3. Registration needs correct and accurate profile data for ease in Administration process.
  4. Kinerja Hosting service ownership may be transferred to other party with written notification by email or mail and attached stamped original letter signed by both party, which both have to be sent to Kinerja Hosting to complete the ownership transfer administration. Kinerja Hosting reserves the rights to check and validate the legality of the ownership transfer provided documents.
  5. In case of ownership dispute, Kinerja Hosting only recognizes the sole owner recorded in Kinerja Hosting database. Kinerja Hosting has the right to restore the ownership to the legitimate owner if there were any changes to the original data.
  6. Every Kinerja Hosting Customer applicant must read, understand and agree to this Terms and Condition before decides using Kinerja Hosting products and services. This agreement is in effect as long as registered as Kinerja Hosting Customer.
  1. Kinerja Hosting only provides Domain Registration and Web Hosting services and does not hold any agreement about website content from the user.
  2. Customer is PROHIBITED from using Kinerja Hosting servers for any activities contrary to applicable law in Republic of Indonesia, Customer's country or International Law. Kinerja Hosting does not hold responsible for all Customers website content, including but not limited to, Web Hosting management username & password.
  3. Customers are not allowed to store files or contents stated below in their account:
    • MP3 Files without its owner authority,
    • Pirated Softwares,
    • Phishing Websites,
    • Hackers, Cracking and/or any softwares related to hacking,
    • Warez Sites,
    • IRC Bot, BNC, Egg Drop, etc,
    • Copyright Infringement Website content,
    • Adult/Porn,
    • Any content conflicts with Point No. 2 of Terms of Services above,
    • and others according to Kinerja Hosting policy.
  4. Customers are not allowed doing any of below actions:
    • Provides products trading using Kinerja Hosting services that are fraud, harmful and may inflict financial loss to others and any activities that are prohibited by government of Indonesia,
    • Runs background processes on Kinerja Hosting servers, example: IRC Bot, wget, Java Chat Server & others that may overload the servers,
    • If Kinerja Hosting find any account using server's resources more than it should, Kinerja Hosting has the right to suspend the account either temporaryly or permanently with or without any warning to the account's owner. This account may unsuspend by Kinerja Hosting if both party agree not having the same issues happen in the future,
    • Trying to destroy, hack, clone, delete, edit any data and/or system reside in Kinerja Hosting servers without its owner authority or ownership, and other actions that may harm Kinerja Hosting servers system,
    • Trying to destroy, hack, clone, delete, edit any data and/or system of third party via Kinerja Hosting services,
    • Sending Spam Email and/or Mass-sending email (products or services offer email, promotion, affiliation, MLM or any kind of activities that may harm, annoy or harass other party and/or Kinerja Hosting) that are neither required nor requested by other party using Kinerja Hosting servers and/or outside servers. Included but not limited to website content,

    • Selling Webhosting account's quota, free email forwarding/POP3/Autoresponder, subdomains etc to other party without written agreement from Kinerja Hosting,
    • Using fraud or other party's credit card without the owner consent,
    • Using any content from Kinerja Hosting website without written agreement, including but not limited to texts, articles, images, or other files.
  5. Customers are advised to oversee his account contents, activities and others related to user usage.
  6. Any violation to Kinerja Hosting Terms of Services will be resulted in suspension or termination of Customer's account and may without notice from Kinerja Hosting.
  1. Read and agree with Terms and Conditions before register as Kinerja Hosting Customer.
  2. Be responsible in configuring his purchased services.
  3. Registers an active email to Kinerja Hosting Account Profile. This email address will be used by Kinerja Hosting to send newsletter, invoice and order transaction, expiration notice, information, and announcement. Kinerja Hosting respect his Customer privacy and will not pass Customer's email to other party.
  4. Comply to Kinerja Hosting rules and instruction in order to access Customer's Hosting account. This included with DNS changes instruction, contact, server transfer and other instructions.
  5. Pay the purchased products and services fee before due date and send a payment confirmation to Kinerja Hosting.
  6. Purchase any license, agreement, intellectual property right and other rights that may use in Kinerja Hosting products and services from its owner.
  7. Manage informations, space quota, bandwidth quota and other service's features and functions that are allocated by Kinerja Hosting.
  8. Observe and obey all of Kinerja Hosting Terms and Condition rules. These rules may be changed at any time.
  1. Kinerja Hosting may not activate Customer's purchased account if there is no payment has been made. Customer needs to notify Kinerja Hosting using Payment Confirmation page in his My Account page or via email to sales@kinerjahosting.com. Done payment cannot be returned if Customer cancels the purchased contract.
  2. Kinerja Hosting will notify Customer about account's expiration date regularly between 60 days, 30 days and 15 days before expiration date.
  3. Customer is given one month extension for renewal since expired date. During the time, Customer's account will be held in suspension state. After the renewal processes and payment has been done, Customer's account will be unsuspended. All account's data during suspension time can be restored to previous state.
  4. Account renewal must be processed at late within one month after expired date. Failure to do so will result in account immediate termination. All account's data will be deleted from system and cannot be retrieved or restored to previous state.
  5. Kinerja Hosting may withhold any domain transfer or changes from unpaid services.
  6. Customer needs to update his account profile in Kinerja Hosting whenever there is a change in contact information. This action to ensure Customer will always receive information from Kinerja Hosting.
  7. Kinerja Hosting does not take responsibility from Credit Card fraud usage as Kinerja Hosting only use Paypal as its the only online payment that is accepted globally and have the most secure payment gateway. Kinerja Hosting does not save any data related to Customer's Credit Card in its system.
  8. Kinerja Hosting cannot approve the registration or renewal as Customer if there is any unpaid domain registration or renewal on hold. This kind of record has to be cleared before proceed with account registration or renewal.
  9. Kinerja Hosting has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if the customer does bad ethics or conduct offensive/inhumane excessive or beyond the limits of decency.
  10. Kinerja Hosting has the right to demand compensation if the customer or ex-customer disgrace Kinerja Hosting on the mass media, mailing list or other kinds of media.
  11. Kinerja Hosting has the right to refuse Customer request to enclose any of Kinerja Hosting data.
  12. Kinerja Hosting reserves the right to terminate products or services of Customer's domain names and/or hosting account if found to contain sensitive sentences, prohibited by law of any country in the world, discrimination, politics and etc.
  13. Kinerja Hosting reserves the right to suspend hosting account that detected using a very large resource and causes the servers down or unable to function properly. This account can be unsuspended after Customer agrees to fix the problems that caused such issues.
  14. Kinerja Hosting has the right to show Customer's website domain name in Kinerja Hosting Client List. Customer will get benefit from such action that may increase visit traffic to Customer's website.
  15. Kinerja Hosting is unable to refund the fee if any of Force Majeure event occurs.
  1. Any selected domain name cannot be switched with other domain name if it has been processed. This also applies to hosting account, each hosting account is linked with a unique domain name. Therefore any domain name change to hosting account is not possible. Customer has to purchase or register a new different domain name for this account hosting.
  2. Customers are advised to do the payment of purchased domain names immediately, as during order time and payment time, there will be a chance for other party to take over the ordered domain names. Kinerja Hosting does not hold responsibility if such issue happens.
  3. Customers who registered their domain names from third party are obliged to Domain Registrar rules, agreements and Terms of Services, such as domain usage, whois information, renewal method and etc. Kinerja Hosting only acts as an agency that helps Customers in purchasing domain names. Any risks or losses resulted from domain names usage cannot be viewed as Kinerja Hosting responsibility.
  4. Customers hold full responsibility of WHOIS informations (contact info) that are filled by Customers. Any abuse of such information is outside of Kinerja Hosting responsibility.
  5. As one of ICANN Domain Registry rule, if a domain expired more than 30 days, Domain Registrar will hand over the domain back to Registry and labeled it as "REDEMPTION PERIOD" status. Under such situation, Kinerja Hosting cannot help Customer either purchase or renew the domain.
  6. Any fee or loss that occurs from renewal domain, modifying domain information, DNS changes, expiration fee, purchasing domain via Domain Auction and other domain related process must be fulfilled by Customer. Kinerja Hosting will regularly send domain information and expiration notice to Customer's email address stated in Kinerja Hosting Customer database.

As soon as Customer complete the registration process, this Terms and Condition of Kinerja Hosting products and services will be put in place effectively and immediately.

Kinerja Hosting may made changes to Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.